Sacks of Snacks is a program that provides food for children who normally have free meals at school with items for the weekend. 

Nourishing snacks are bagged and delivered to nine schools every week - Aurora Elementary, Aurora Middle School, Dillsboro, Manchester and Moores Hill in South Dearborn County, Bright and North Dearborn Elementary in North Dearborn County, and Central and Greendale in Lawrenceburg. 

This school year we are serving over 400 children.

Volunteers help break down and organize donations and we pack and deliver bags to the schools, generally on Wednesdays.  We always include items such as noodles, mac and cheese, fruit, and granola bars. 

We have baskets at many locations to collect special requests.  During the winter we will focus on items such as cocoa and flavored oatmeal so that they can have something warm but simple to make.